System Halted! Error Unsupported Video Configuration Detected

The problem

Do you get this error message when plugging your monitor into your PC?

System halted!
Attention: Unsupported Video Configuration Detected

Action is Required

This computer has an add-in graphics card, but the monitor is plugged into the integrated video connector.
To attach the monitor cable to the add-in graphics card:

1. Shut down the computer
2. Plug the monitor cable into the add-in graphics card connector.
This may require a video adapter or video adapter cable.
(provided with the system)
3. Turn on the computer.

This message should not appear after completing these steps.
For more information or help, please refer to the system documentation.

The solution

To fix this you have to plug the VGA cable from your monitor into the right socket on the back of the PC. The end of the VGA cable looks like this:

VGA cable

You need to plug that into the right VGA socket on the back of the PC. A VGA socket looks like this:

VGA socket

There can be more than one VGA socket on the back of a PC and the "Unsupported Video Configuration Detected" message is shown when the monitor is plugged into the wrong one. The PC in the photo below has 2 VGA sockets:

Back of a Dell Inspiron 518 desktop PC

So to fix the problem, shutdown the computer, unplug the cable from the VGA socket on the motherboard, plug it into the VGA socket of the add-in graphics card and restart the computer.

But some PCs don't have a VGA socket on the add-in graphics card. Like this one:

Back of a Dell Inspiron 518 desktop PC

This PC has a DVI socket on it's add-in graphics card. A DVI socket looks like this:

DVI socket

To fix this, you can buy an inexpensive adapter (Amazon US, UK) that turns the VGA plug on the end of the monitor's VGA cable into a DVI plug that will fit the DVI socket on the PC. This is called a DVI (Male) to VGA (Female) adapter, and looks like this:

DVI (Male) to VGA (Female) adapter solves the "unsupported video configuration detected" problem

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